GIW 2016 and AYRCOB 2016 Registration

  1. 1oth AYRCOB  is to be held in conjunction with GIW 2016, the registration for AYRCOB 2016 is merged with the registration for GIW 2016. Each attendee of AYRCOB 2016 must do student registration. Each AYRCOB registrar can attend GIW 2016 without additional registration. A student registrar can select to attend only AYRCOB or GIW.
  2.  Each AYRCOB accepted papers (including highlight, oral and poster papers) must finish student Early Registration before 31th August, 2016.  
  3.  Student registration must provide proof of the registrar’s studentship. After registration, each student is required to send an electronic (scanned) copy of her/his studentship certificate within one week, by email to with the email subject as “Studentship proof – registration number”.

#All time means Beijing time.

See more detailed registration information at

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